Laser Hair Removal in London

Confidence is the secret key to unlocking inner beauty. Inner beauty is the secret key to unlocking outer beauty. Beauty is to look more appealing without losing the essence of what makes you uniquely attractive. Our unconscious body language signals trigger over 70% of how people perceive us.

Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Clinic In London

Choosing the right Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Clinic in London that suits your skin type, specific needs and budget can be very confusing. The fact is that a very large proportion of the devices that say they are suitable for Laser Hair Removal, were designed for beauty and skin treatments and lack the precision required for effective permanent hair removal as proven by clinical trials. Also many practitioners are inadequately trained and uncertified.
Clients often don’t know the right questions to ask or what is important for them to know when assessing Laser Hair Removal Square Mile Clinic in London, so below are a few questions to ask when researching a service provider.
1.     Do you have medically approved equipment/lasers and are they regularly serviced?
2.     Is your Clinic approved by the Care Quality Commission and Local Authority Licensing?
3.     How long have you been operating as a Clinic and how experienced are the staff?
4.     Are your staff certified and did certified trainers train them?
The Square Mile Clinic answers ‘Yes’ to all of these questions. It has been operating for 13 years and all of our staff are experienced and certified.