Laser Hair Removal in London

Confidence is the secret key to unlocking inner beauty. Inner beauty is the secret key to unlocking outer beauty. Beauty is to look more appealing without losing the essence of what makes you uniquely attractive. Our unconscious body language signals trigger over 70% of how people perceive us.

Face and Facial Hair Removal

Shaving? Waxing? Laser?
The face is a very sensitive area, and so removing facial hair can be a real dilemma. The more commonly used hair removal methods were often only temporary solutions and allowed regrowth in as little as 24 hours.

Before laser, anything else was harsher and even sometimes risked irritation and scarring.


Which facial hair removal method is right for you?
Popular hair removal methods were often the  inexpensive options (shaving and depilatory creams). Shaving was effective, but short lived. The problem was not only  is that it did not  last long, but that the hair often grew back thicker than before.

Depilatory creams are another inexpensive and temporary way to remove facial hair.Messy and often irritating to the skin, creams offer “hit and miss” results - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

Waxing is painful and a temporary solution, you'll be ripping hair out for the rest of your life. Ouch!

Laser is often best for most people, and prices have dropped, compare the prices using our price list and our free first consultation service (use the contact form)