Laser Hair Removal in London

Confidence is the secret key to unlocking inner beauty. Inner beauty is the secret key to unlocking outer beauty. Beauty is to look more appealing without losing the essence of what makes you uniquely attractive. Our unconscious body language signals trigger over 70% of how people perceive us.

Using Laser and how it works

Perhaps the most important thing is not how it works, but that it works so efficiently.

Explaining how it works
Laser light destroys the structure (root) from which the hair grows. Unlike shaving that leaves this intact allowing the hair to grow again. Laser treatment destroys the hair follicle, which makes the hair grow and so is a more permanent approach.

Is it painful?
Our specific Laser equipment does not cause any pain. The equipment we use is specifically tuned for hair removal requirements. 

Some clinics use general purpose laser and IPL equipment, which can be very painful because it requires higher energy settings to do the same job. We have specifically chosen specialist equipment to ensure a pain free experience.

How Long Will It Last?
Laser hair removal gives long term reduction of unwanted body hair and can be used to treat most areas of the body, including the face. It is used on both men and women and is an extremely safe effective "non-invasive" form of hair removal for most skin types and hair colours. In most people the treatment is permanent, but in a small percentage of the population, the hair follicle can regenerate after time.